Hickory Dickory Dock….

A mouse is living in my kitchen.


Behind my stove to be exact.


Ahhhhh the joys of city living.


You know it exists but that doesn’t mean you want to see it.


And see it is exactly what happened last night.


Mr. Mouse or Mousey Mouse (as The Boy calls him) decided to make a full blown appearance while I was cleaning up the dinner dishes.


He’s got some nerve.


But The Boy was thrilled…..


“Can he be my pet? Do we have any cheese to put out?”


J’s reaction was so cute that I almost considered it….ok not really.


I immeidately called the doormen to be put on the exterminator list and had to explain to J that perhaps Mousey Mouse would be happier in the basement with his other mouse friends.


As I was explaining that this mouse was not exactly the same as the mouse in “If You Give a Mouse a Cupcake” —the offending mouse made an encore appearance.


J went wild “get some cheese mom—he wants to saty.”


While I applaud this mouse’s chutzpah……this is not the house for you.


I spent the rest of the night stomping and announcing myself before entering the kitchen.


The exterminator comes tomorrow……..sorry Mousey Mouse….the jig is up.


Love much,






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  1. wendy says:

    and how did this not come up at lunch???????

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