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Ohhhhhh did I forget…….

I forgot how much work babies were…..

All good work mind you but between The Girl, The Boy and The Ladies, I have little time for anything else…..

So please accept my apology for neglecting An Infertile Blonde….

It has been very interesting to watch The Boy adapt to this new person in the house.

He’s been great—hasn’t really missed a beat.

He has, however, grown up…..

Since The Girl came home I’ve been asked the following questions:

“What are birthparents?”

“Who are my birthparents?”

“Did you grow me in your belly?”

“Why did you adopt me?”

“Why doesn’t Brooke have a penis?”

I have answered every question honestly and directly —even the penis one.

Just the simple truth.

No code words…..

No holding back.

Just the truth….

and as I watch him process the information….

I think I fell a little more in love with him……

These are big concepts for a little boy….

Who am I kidding……

These are big concepts for anyone….

Love much,


3 Responses to “What’s New”

  1. brokebelly says:

    I remember those questions from my Daughter when we brought home my son. (Well….. Except she wanted to know why his vagina was on the outside?) I have always been super open and honest from the very beginning. People have sometimes “whispered” “Are you going to tell her?” She simply has always known. Secrets are bad, ugly and shameful. Honesty ALL the way.

  2. LAM says:

    I actually think that the kids will not have as hard of a time ‘wrapping their heads’ around these big concepts…their hearts and minds are much more open and accepting when things are shared honestly and lovingly with them. It is all of us OLD people that screw things up and make it hard.

  3. Vachelle says:

    We have always been open too. We were around a pregnant family member this last weekend and I could see my daughter staring at her stomach (8 months pregnant). I could sense she was confused as we found out about her sister and picked her up two weeks later. She was told she could come over and feel the baby so she did…her eyes got so big. I wish I could have taken a picture. I told her it’s confusing since my tummy didn’t look like that. She then said “I know I was in my birth mom’s tummy” and then said she loved me….I could just melt.

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