Star Light Star Bright



Yesterday after school, Jake and I bought our Christmas Tree.

After I put the lights on  Jake insisted that the Star go on before the ornaments.

We don’t own a ladder.

So I did what I had to do and quite frankly it’s a miracle we didn’t fall into the tree.


You may or may not know that Christmas is my favorite time of year….

And as Jake and I unpacked the boxes of ornaments he wanted to know about each one.

And it was then that I realized that our tree tells a story.

We’ve got ornaments from Barney’s and Bergdorfs mixed in with some from Target and CVS……

We’ve got ornaments Jake made…..

We’ve even got one Kipp made as a child—a pom-pom caterpillar.

We’ve got all of Jake’s first Christmas ornaments —-he has about 5.

We’ve got ornaments from vacations—-my favorite might be the “Welcome to LasVegas” sign.

And when The Boy was born I started a new tradition for our family…..

Every year he gets a special ornament and I write his initials and the year somewhere on it.

Then when he has a tree of his own someday he’ll have a box of ornaments that tell his story.

So far he has his Baby’s First Christmas Ornaments, a bulldozer, a taxi, an apple with the NYC Skyline on it and this year he got a fire engine.

Now don’t think for a minute that I wasn’t planning ahead when I bought the boy his fire engine…..

This Christmas, The Girl got her first ornament from her mom…..

A pink sparkly cupcake from Bergdorf’s.

The Boy hung it on the tree and said “Brooke is going to love this.”

And tomorrow when he head Rockefeller Center to look at the tree, we’ll be on the lookout for a Baby’s First Christmas ornament for The Girl—she’s got a little catching up to do.

Love much,


2 Responses to “Star Light Star Bright”

  1. Kelly says:

    So sweet, we do a new Christmas ornament every year, too. I love it, it started with Mack, and now on to Mea. So special. So cute to look back and see what was their favorite each year. This year for Mea it’s Tinkerbell, she’s mildly obsessed.

  2. Adopted & Adopted says:

    Love the Christmas ornament tradition you have with your kids! I think we’ll start that too! Thank you!

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