The number one question I am asked about Adoption and

Hands down…..this is it:


“If someone can’t afford to adopt how can they afford to have a child? And why would give a grant to these people?”


I know on the surface this might seem like a logical question to ask…..


But if more people knew that an average adoption costs $30,000+ then this question would answer itself because……


Do you have $30,000 lying around “just in case” you chose to adopt a child?????


Think about it. 


In order to have $30,000 in savings you most likely had to earn $50,000.


The median Household Income in our country is $54,000—that’s household not individual.


You do the math.


Who has this kind of “extra” money (if you will) lying around?????


You must also keep in mind that an adoption must be paid in full before any adoption professional will complete the work.


It’s hard to believe but it’s true.


No money….no child.


It’s that simple.


And what does that mean for the millions of children in our world who need homes?????


It’s a problem.


Furthermore, 80% of the people seeking adoption each year are INFERTILE, like yours truly, and many of them have pursued costly, non-insurance covered infertility treatments before they arrived at the conclusion that adoption was how they would build their family. 


So the answer to this question is this:   Many people (ok thousands of people) do not have the lump sum ($30,000+) that it takes to complete an adoption.


They earn enough money to live a good day-to-day life and have the resources and ability to provide a safe and loving home for a child—but they do not have an overflowing savings account—and quite frankly these days who does?


Should they really be penalized for this matter of fact reality?


We don’t think so.


So how does anyone truly know that a prospective adoptive family can provide a safe and loving home for a child?????


This is what a “Home Study” confirms.  A “Home Study” is the process in which a state licensed social worker comes into the prospective adoptive parent(s) home and reviews all their finances, their health, clears them of any criminal records, runs their fingerprints through the FBI system, etc.


Once you come through in a positive light…. you receive an official and valid “Home Study”.


You cannot proceed with an adoption without one of these and you cannot apply for a grant from without one either.


That my friends is the short answer to the question. 


I for one am very thankful for my life and our ability to have been able to pursue our adoptions on our terms….


And it is Kipp’s and my humble pleasure to have created so that we can, thanks to our hundreds of generous donors, help others do the same.


From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you.



Love much,




3 Responses to “The number one question I am asked about Adoption and”

  1. Lindsay says:

    Thanks so much for everything you do to help others adopt. I’m an infertile brunette and resonate with so many of your posts!

    My husband and I have our first meeting with an agency on Tuesday and I can’t wait to be in the first trimester of our paper pregnancy. It’s been a long three years of infertility, but through it God led us down the hard road only to open our eyes to the glories of adoption. That was his plan all along and I’m glad we stuck with it!

  2. Libby says:

    My husband and I make a fair living. However, we did not have 30k “on hand.” And, all adoptions are CASH ONLY. No credit cards, no loans. We are damn lucky we had family who could help. I hope we can help a couple like us someday.

  3. Kelly says:

    I think that what you are doing is so awesome, and such a wonderful thing to help families in financial need. We had about given up hope on our foster/adopt situation, and had a very generous offer from my Aunt to fund our wish to adopt if things fell through. If we hadn’t had luck in the foster care system, or hadn’t had my Aunt to help us, we would have not ended up with any additional children. It just wouldn’t have been financially possible. Hooray, for you and Kipp, and for I have already told some friends starting the adoption process about you and your awesome program.

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