It’s Hard to Ask for Help

There is nothing wrong with asking for financial help when adopting.




It does not mean you are “poor”.


It does not mean you “can’t afford” to have a family. does not think this way…..


And neither should anyone else. happens to think that it takes an amazing amount of courage and dignity to ask for help.


And before anyone casts judgment on those who seek help I would like to ask this:


If you were trying to build your family….


And adoption was your option….


Take a look in your savings account…..


Do you have 30,000-50,000 at your fingertips that you could live without?


Because that is what an adoption costs these days.


Love much,


3 Responses to “It’s Hard to Ask for Help”

  1. Stephanie says:

    This was very inspiring! It brought tears to my eyes and took the words right out of my mouth. I have been judged before for exactly this reason. Not by an organization but by someone who was supposed to be a friend. We have been trying to have a baby for 11 yrs now and our main hindrance is financial. And it does not mean that we don’t have the means to have a family, we just don’t have the huge amount of money up front that it takes to help us with this dream. This brought tears to my eyes and explained very eloquently how I feel. Adoption just may be our only option at this point and I look forward to the day when I hold in my arms, our child.

  2. Susan says:

    A helping hand to help build families is quite different than a handout, and HelpUsAdopt, by offering that common sense and compassionate helping hand, makes the offer exceedingly meaningful to those on the receiving end…

  3. Kathie says:

    My adult son just purchased a helpusadopt bracelet for me for Christmas. I wanted one because it will help support this cause, but also because it matches some other jewelry my adoptive mother bequeathed to me. She herself was adopted, by her maternal aunt, after her own mother died shortly after delivering my mother and her twin. Every time I wear my new bracelet I will think of both my mother, and all those longing for a child of their own. Thank you!

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